How Much Does It Cost?

The price of a mission will always be discussed with you as every mission is unique. However, here are some indications on the way I calculate my pricing:

  • as a starting point, I invoice for the amount of words, no matter if it’s for translation, copywriting, or proof-reading. Tarifs for those three types of mission are obviously different: For example, proof-reading will cost far less than translation;
  • it is still possible to negotiate a flat rate or a discount: Depending ont he number of words, a flat rate can be applied, while a discount will be applied if the same text falls into a hybrid mission “proof-read + translate” or “create + translate”; 
  • finally, some add-ons can be chosen and invoiced with the project. Every additional option comes with an extra word rate or flat rate depending on the nature of the option. 

Naturally, every quote/invoice will be detailed in order to be transparent, as transparency is one my core values. 

Request a Quote

Do you need help to translate, write, or proof-read some content? Don’t hesitate and use the form below to contact me for further information or to request a quote. If you already know you’re interested in some options I propose, don’t forget to mention them so I can have the clearest picture possible of the project. I guarantee an answer within 24 hours for every information or quote request. Quotes are free. In addition to the form below, you can also contact me on:

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