Why Choosing Me?

Let’s be honest: If you don’t know me yet or if you’ve never worked with me, it’s the likeliest question to be in your mind. I understand! Let me wipe away every doubt you could have on the matter. 

I Did Graduate

Well, it might be seem obvious, but – as we’re living in a world where everyone can claim they’re a translator – it’s essential for me to mention I hold a graduate in Translation. I’m not just bilingual. I did more than just studying French and English. I had a specific curriculum in order to become a translator and I provide you with this expertise. 

Thanks to the skills I acquired, I can free myself from the words and stay as close as possible from the idea of the source text, while still keeping the same register and style. Your translated text will remain as original as its source. Moreover, as I also studied this during my curriculum, I’m able to adapt the many cultural references, geographical references, etc., that would fit in the source text, but not with the targeted audience. 

My Experience Can Validate

Beyond translation, another expertise I’ve got is copywriting. I’ve been working as a copywriter for 10 years and I always want to create something unique, something that will stand out with everything I write. 

My abilities to summarize and analyze allow me to quickly understand a topic and explain it to other readers. I’m full of creativity and detect the best angle to discuss a topic depending on the targeted audience and desired tone so that your content can stand out from your competitors’.

Born to Create

Finally, I’m a creative guy in my deepest core. I like creating things, trying to innovate, and testing new things. Naturally, during our mission, I can stop at only translating, writing, or proof-reading your content, but this creativity of mine could become the asset that would make your project different from the others. 

Even if those are not skills I bill as my main activities, I can also bring – if needed – my skills in video editing, audio mixing, creative writing, community management, or even for administrative matters.