My name’s Timo Masson and I hold a degree in translation (English / French / German) to provide you with my expertise for any of your translation, copywriting, or proof-reading needs. My favorite working languages are English (C2 level) and French (my mother tongue) and I mostly work remotely, although I can come and work in your offices if those are located in my home country, Belgium

Simpl-ish is the brand name colley for my activities related to the English language.I chose a specific name as it’s not my only activity. You can find the entire list of my activities on the website of World of Ideas.

Below, you’ll find the values, mission, and vision which define my daily life and my way of working with you



The Mission of Simpl-ish

With Simpl-ish, you can be sure you’ll get a text with flawless quality for any of your private or professional needs. Wether it’s for translation, copywriting, or proof-reading, you’ll benefit from actual expertise in French and English and will work with someone whose core values are a close attention to detailstransparent communication, and an unmatched delivery speed

Just the way it should be.

My Values

A love for the English language

A love for the French language

Professionalism and attention to details

Sharing and applying knowledge in order to spread a correct use of English.


Applying a correct use of French, whatever the form. 

Each client is treated individually and according to their needs, with the goal to deliver flawless work


My Vision

I don’t intend to be a standard translator: I have the ambition to make the English language more accessible, as well for the price as its practice. The English language is a tool everyone should have access to, whether you master it or not. The goal of my work is to make your life simpler and bring you certainty that your contents include high-quality English and French. 

However, those languages are far from simple. Typically, English is one of the most spoken languages around the world and – at first sight – it seems simple… ish! It’s important you’re getting help from someone with enough expertise. You won’t want your clients to think you’re an amateur when they read your contents in English… will you?