With Simpl-ish, you can be sure you’ll get a text with flawless quality for any of your private or professional needs. Wether it’s for translation, copywriting, or proof-reading, you’ll benefit from actual expertise in French and English and will work with someone whose core values are a close attention to detailstransparent communication, and an unmatched delivery speed

My Services


Get a professional translation of your contents and don’t fall into the trap of automatic translation.

I will translate your contents and will guarantee their quality, wether it is:

  • a translation from English into French
  • or a translation from French into English

For each translation, depending on the content, you can opt for those additional options:

  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • modification of the content to adapt to the audience (English-speaking audience vs French-speaking audience), adapting everything related to cultural references, geographical references, etc.
  • request for alternative titles
  • creation of a lexicon (for example for future translations and the use of some idioms and words as part of your company’s language)
  • creation of subtitles
  • urgent translation (a proposition of mine for the soonest possible date depending on the amount of words and the amount of pending urgent translations)


Have your contents produced by a professional copywriter.

I will handle the copywriting of your contents and will give what you expect: Some top-tier contents.

I can produce your contents:

  • in English or in French
  • under many forms: Blog articles, landing pages, white papers and e-booksvideo or podcast scripts, …

For each content, you can benefit from those additional options:

  • seach engine optimization (SEO)
  • assistance for the creation of an editorial line or an editorial calendar
  • request of related themes for your future contents


Make sure your contents include no grammar or spelling mistakes!

With a strong care for a correct use of English and French, I can proof-read your many contents and make sure to wipe away every potential mistake.

My services include proof-reading:

  • in English and French
  • for contents in any form: Books, graduation works and academic papersblog articles, …

For any proof-reading, you can make your choice among the following options:

  • direct edition to correct the mistakes or simple comment for later correction
  • content improvement (wording, style, etc.) or simple proof-reading (namely a simple correction of mistakes)
  • urgent or standard proof-reading

My Specializations

Form: blog articles and other web contents; literary works / Themes: Management & Entrepreneurship; Sports & Leisure; Fiction

Form: blog articles and other web contents; scripts (podcasts, videos, etc.) / Themes: Management & Entrepreneurship ; Sports & Leisure

Form: literary works / Themes: fiction

  • French (mother tongue): Translation, copywriting, and proof-reading
  • English (C2 level): Translation (both target and source language), copywriting, and proof-reading
  • German (B2 level): Translation (source language only)

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